About me

I'm a dev / builder / maker at heart and an engineer by profession with designing skills. Based out of India.

Building things on computer has always been my favourite thing to do. I started building 2D PC games around the age of 12 (built ~5 2D PC games). Later in 2014, started a mobile gaming company where I created around 6 Mobile Game titles.

In 2016, I started building Superbot, an AI chat bot to discover and get things done. On chat recharges, bill payments, cab booking, reminders, food recommendations nearby, etc. I worked on this for more than 2 years simultaneously while completing my degree.

In 2018, I founded NoDoubt App, an App for exam takers to get their doubts answered, initially for GRE Exam. Got more than 3000+ Active Users in very few months. NoDoubt was accepted on Advisor Track of YCombinator Startup School 2018.

In 2019, I worked as Product Engineer at DoseFM (Acquired by ClearTax). Later, I joined PhonePost to help build voice messaging app. Meanwhile, also built 360Katas (A slack app for getting 360 degree feedback). In 2021-22, I was Lead Product Engineer at bip.so. Later, Founded Slashbase full-time.

Currently, I am working as SDE3 at Loco (Live Game Streaming Platform).

Also, I am Core-maintainer of Slashbase. Slashbase is an in-browser collaborative database IDE for your dev/data workflows. It also has an open-source version on GitHub.

I'm enthusiastic about all things tech especially AI Conversational Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, AI/ML, Internet and Mobile. Generally, experimenting and building things for Internet and Mobile.

Lets connect on: LinkedIn