About me

I'm a developer / tech experimenter / maker-builder at heart and an engineer by profession with designing skills. I'm based out of India.

Building things on computer has always been my favourite thing to do. I started building 2D PC games around the age of 12 (built ~5 2D PC games). Later in 2014, started a mobile gaming company where I created around 6 Mobile Game titles. I got featured in Yourstory and multiple local newspapers for my story.

In 2016, I started building Superbot, an AI chat bot to discover and get things done. On chat recharges, bill payments, cab booking, reminders, food recommendations nearby, etc. I worked on this for more than 2 years simultaneously while completing my degree.

In 2018, I founded NoDoubt App, an App for exam takers to get their doubts answered, initially for GRE Exam. Got more than 3000+ Active Users in very few months. NoDoubt was accepted on Advisor Track of YCombinator Startup School 2018.

In 2019-20, I worked as Product Engineer at DoseFM (Acquired by ClearTax). Later, I joined PhonePost to help build voice messaging app. Meanwhile, also built 360Katas (A slack app for getting 360 degree feedback).

In 2021-22, I was Lead Product Engineer at bip.so. We built a git-based document versioning system for DAOs and communities. There I lead the frontend and backend efforts to build the initial first version in Golang and React. I also built the git backend service in golang that used postgres database to store and retreive git objects and references using libgit2 library. Had to write some low-level code in C++ to make that work.

In 2023, I founded Slashbase full-time. Slashbase is an open-source database IDE for dev/data workflows. Managed to write a single-codebase to build desktop app and server app from same. Built the community of 18 open-source contributors and 50+ discord members. Also, got $2500 github sponsorship for the project from Appwrite OSS Fund.

Currently, I'm working full-time as SDE3 at Loco (Live Game Streaming Platform) and simultaneously pursuing my masters (M.Tech in Software Engineering) at BITS Pilani.

I'm enthusiastic about all things tech especially AI Conversational Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, AI/ML, Internet and Mobile. Generally, experimenting and building things for Internet and Mobile.

Lets connect on: LinkedIn